First Star's 5th Annual Toronto Spring Pychic Fair & Expo
Exhibition Place - Queen Elizabeth Bldg - April 6-8, 2018 - Exhibitor List
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Ask Jewelee ---> Booth Number 208

Psychic/Mediumship Readings, Palm & Rune Readings, crystals, spiritboards, witches runes, pendulums, herbs, etc. New Age gifts & supplies for all your magickal & spiritual needs.

Believe in Angels & Beyond ---> Booth Number 222b

Messages from Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides & Pet Animals. Lenka Kamenicky also does Tarot Readings.

Betty J Ware ---> Booth Number 116

Psychic Medium Tarot Master. Connecting with Tarot, Connecting with Witchcraft and Connecting with Spell Craft books.

Blue Mountain Medium – Beverly Frosch ---> Booth Number 317a

Blue Mountain Medium – Beverly Frosch will be offering psychic, mediumship, and spiritual guidance readings.

David Schultz Spiritualist Medium ---> Booth Number 226a

David Schultz is a spiritual medium bringing forward loving and healing messages from those who have crossed over. David's goal is to provide evidence to prove the existence of life after death, and that our loved ones are merely a thought away.

Debbie - Innervision ---> Booth Number 205

Debbie is clairvoyant and clairsentient and uses Tarot Cards, Osho Zen cards and the pendulum to forecast for you. She starts with that which is affecting you now and moves forward from there – warm and gentle energy.

Dyer Electronic Horoscopes ---> Booth Number 203

Electronic Horoscopes. Readings by a computer include Electronic Tarot, Biorhythms, Future Forecast and Sex/Love Scope. Also being ofered are palm analysis, birth/natal charts, and compatibility charts. All printouts available in English, French, Spanish or Dutch.

Eddie Diijon ---> Booth Number 416

Tarot card and palm readings. Diijon has read for Madonna, Cher, Jack Layton and has appeared on the David Letterman show five consecutive times.

Embrace Crystal Waters Inspired by Faeries ---> Booth Number 425a

Room and body sprays energetically formulated with crystal water, organic grade essential oils, and activated pure spring water. Enhances the effectiveness of Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Tia Chi, and many other forms of Meditations.

Fingerprint Orgonite – Bio-Magnetic Devices ---> Booth Number 103

Orgonite bio-magnetic devices. Being sold will be a wide variety of orgone devices, from paperweights to pendants, and pendulums.

Gaisheda Kheawok ---> Booth Number 212

Gaisheda is a Tribal Elder, Medicine Person, Seer & Healer with over 30 years of experience in Shamanic Soul-Based Energy Medicine. A leader in innovated Energy Medicine therapies, she is an international speaker & has facilitated over 3,000 workshops & Sacred Site pilgrimages worldwide.

Helen Peacock Certified Spiritual Medium ---> Booth Number 317b

Helen's mission is to give messages of validation, healing comfort and joy from loved ones who have passed. Spiritual Guidance may also be given from "Spirit Guides".

Hearing Heaven with Lisa Stamper ---> Booth Number 326a

Lisa is a Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant & a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner thru Doreen Virtue. Lisa can help with all life issues, finances, career, love life, health & connect to your passed over loved ones. Each session is tailored just for you.

Joan King ---> Booth Number 224a

Joan is a psychic and chakra reader, intuitive strategist, energy healer, and hypnotherapist.

Karen Barclay Spiritual Medium & Psychic ---> Booth Number 217b

Karen will be offering the opportunity to connect with those that have crossed over; also provide readings that offer guidance & clarity to your present situations and giving you directions & tools to help you understand the changes that are coming.

Karmic Crystals & Sunshine Glass & Psychic ---> Booth Number 421

Tarot Card & Crystal Readings. Loose crystals, wire wrapped jewelry & stained glass sun catchers.

Liz Throp Psychic ---> Booth Number 222a

Liz is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Soul Coach, & Spiritual Work shop Instructor. To assist in her readings, Liz uses Tarot and Angel cards. Liz has an uncanny way of connecting soulfully with her clients immediately in a way that your reading with her will feel as though you are connecting with an old friend.

Mila Angelova ---> Booth Number 221a

Mila is a medium, psychic & clairvoyant with over 20 years experience, with my awareness of my ability to “read” people, see & hear those who have passes (on the other side). She can deliver clearly & provide guidance about your past, present & future.

Monique Empath ---> Booth Number 324b

Monique is a natural Psychic Medium Clairvoyant. Her gifts were present from early childhood and she uses no external tools. She can provide insight into the past, present (via remote viewing) and predictions of future events.

Moonflower's Metaphysical Store ---> Booth Numbers 202 & 204

Oracle Decks, Tarot Cards, Crystals, Jewellery, Essential Oils, Aura Sprays, Incense, Dream Catchers, Native Art, Soaps, Candles, Resins. Other Metaphysical items as well as Psychic Readings will be offered.

Mother May ---> Booth Numbers 106

Mother May was born in Jamaica West Indies and is a 3rd generation spiritualist medium born with the gift. She started using her gift to help people with sorting out their lives. She does past lives, future, past, present, interpretation of dreams, and advises on jobs, business, and relationships.

Oracle Readings with Sydney ---> Booth Numbers 207

You will find your reading unique as you are, as well as divine guidance, balance and healing. You draw your cards and Sydney will interpret them for you.

Psychics at Sea ---> Booth Number 325a

TV celebrity Jackie Dennison from the hit TV show – Rescue Mediums is hosting cruise & workshops at sea. A 8 day Caribbean cruise & a week filled with workshop & investigations. We will be selling cabins & workshops. Sail jan. 19, 2019.

Quantumwave Laser ---> Booth Number 211

Quantumwave Laser: portable handheld cold laser therapy & Scalar Wave technology. Over-the-counter FDA & Health Canada clearance. Revolutionizing holistic health carte, pain relief, rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin, wound care, arthritis, muscle relation & systems balancing.

Rough Market Minerals & Gems ---> Booth Number 209

Rough Market Minerals & Gems offers a variety of items such as cself ollected minerals from Ontario, one of a kind jewellery pieces, & a unique selection of stones to aid in metaphysical journeys.

Starseed Stones ---> Booth Number 311

Custom one of a kind Activated Crystals that will help you activate your spiritual gifts, find your life purpose, connect with your soul and guides; plus Energy Healing sessions.

The Oracle of Delphi ---> Booth Number 114

Kalliope is fourth generation Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Reader. She is a claircognizant with the ability to channel messages from Spirit. Kalliope will also be selling Intention Candles at the show.

The Spooky Crew ---> Booth Number 312

Wikkid Creations that give a new twist to refurbishing furniture using dark art (dragons, skulls, faeries, etc.). Also, Scott Williamson will be doing psychic readings, telling you what it is you need to know that the universe in trying to tell you.

The Tarot Path ---> Booth Number 108

Ana is an international psychic medium with more than 15 years of experience. She provides unique readings & spiritual advisory by combining tools as Tarot cards, Numerology & Dowsing. Ricky sells crystals, Himalayan Salt products & more.

Tracy Lynn ---> Booth Number 218b

Tracy Lynn is a multigenerational clairvoyant healer whose Celtic ancestry provided her with the inherent gift of clairvoyant intuition. She is an energy worker, spiritual counsellor, psychic, medium connected to the spirit human & animal worlds.

Un-Lock-it ---> Booth Number 217a

The Un-Lock-It was created to help you release your fears & move forward with ease. Each piece is handcrafted & frames an original piece of art. By combining shape, colour & Crystals, it will help to attract the right energies into your life.