First Star's 25th Annual KW Fall Psychic Fair & Expo
Bingemans Conference Centre - September 1, 2, 3, 4, 2017 - Exhibitors
KW Floor Plan

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Addariah ---> A-10

Addariah is a retired nurse now serving as a spiritual healer, reiki master, energy worker, intuitive and medium. She uses her medical intuitive gifts to teach others to understand their body’s messages. Addariah volunteers at the Healing Temple in Lily Dale, NY and also does Platform Mediumship.

Angela Donnelly ---> A-11

Using her ability to channel both information & energy, Angela helps people understand the issues they have in their life currently & how they can move past them, by either changing their thoughts or by changing their energy.

Ask Jewelee ---> B-14

Jewelee is a psychic medium who uses her natural gifts as well as some incredible tools such as the tarot, witches runes and pendulums to answer her clients most sought after questions. Jewelee also specializes in areas such as love, career, health, family, and in general readings.

Auraphotography by Auraphotogenic ---> A-1

Auraphotogenic specializes in energy fields. Their photographic & energetic biofeedback equipment can detect & provide you with a graphical representation of your own unique energy, & a detailed chakra analysis report.

Believe in Angels & Beyond ---> B-12

Messages from Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides & Pet Animals. Lenka Kamenicky also does Tarot Readings.

Betty J Ware ---> A-2

Psychic Medium Tarot Master. Connecting with Tarot, Connecting with Witchcraft and Connecting with Spell Craft books.

Channeled Insights ---> A-8

Do you need guidance or direction? KC has provided insights and counselling to men and women of all ages. Her innate sensitivities and intuitiveness provide added dimension to her Channelled readings. The information KC receives may not always be what you want to hear, but rather what you need to know. KC is also a Certified Reiki Master.

Charlotte Szivak ---> A-5

Born on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, Charlotte is an Oracle, a Soul Igniter, a Mentor, an Alchemist, and a Conscious Evolutionary Intuitive Guide with Full Sensory Perception.

Debbie – Innervision ---> A-7

Debbie is clairvoyant and clairsentient and uses Tarot Cards, Osho Zen cards and the pendulum to forecast for you. She starts with that which is affecting you now and moves forward from there – warm and gentle energy.

Dyer Electronic Horoscopes ---> B-1

Electronic Horoscopes. Readings by a computer include Electronic Tarot, Biorhythms, Future Forecast and Sex/Love Scope. Also being ofered are palm analysis, birth/natal charts, and compatibility charts. All printouts available in English, French, Spanish or Dutch.

Evolove Healing ---> B-4

Angel & Spirit guided messages of love, healing & support for challenges in life. Always on point & direct for the hear & now. You will leave with clarity & better understanding of where you are & what you need to move forward with peace.

Gaisheda Kheawork ---> A-14

Gaisheda is a Tribal Elder, Medicine Person, Seer & Healer with over 30 years of experience in Shamanic Soul-Based Energy Medicine. A leader in innovated Energy Medicine therapies, she is an international speaker & has facilitated over 3,000 workshops & Sacred Site pilgrimages worldwide.

Gift Heaven ---> Vendor's Row

At Gift Heaven you will find a wonderful assortment of feng shui items, magnetic jewelry, fashion jewelry & accessories, fashion scarves & other diverse merchandise.

Joan King ---> A-9

Joan is a psychic & chakra reader, intuitive strategist, energy healer, and hypnotherapist.

Judy Abbott ---> B-5

Judy has been a professional psychic for many years She is certified in parapsychology and astrology and is a natural health consultant. Business, relationships, health, mediumship, choices, life traps, career, connections to your guides, messages from angels, palm, numerology and tarot cards.

Karen Barclay Spiritual Medium Psychic ---> B-8

Connecting with people that have crossed over, helping you understand energy changes that are happening in your life, while we all start to develop our natural intuition. Guidance & understanding about life changes you may be making will also be offered.

Karmic Crystals & Sunshine Glass ---> B-10

Tarot Card & Crystal Readings. Loose crystals, wire wrapped jewelry & stained glass sun catchers.

Kathleen Spiritualist Medium ---> B-7

Kathleen connects with deceased loved ones and brings communications of life, love and support. With her born psychic gifts, spirit guides and angelic beings, she addresses every day concerns. Kathleen is a Spiritualist Minister of Healing & Prophesy through the Fellowships of the Spirit, Lily Dale NY.

Liz Throp Psychic ---> B-3

Liz is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Soul Coach, & Spiritual Work shop Instructor. To assist in her readings, Liz uses Tarot and Angel cards. Liz has an uncanny way of connecting soulfully with her clients immediately in a way that your reading with her will feel as though you are connecting with an old friend.

LVF Creations ---> Vendor's Row

LVF Creations will be offering for sale unique Bees wax candles. All are hand made and everyone is a little different. They will also be offering art greeting cards.

Mark Lewis ---> A-12

Mark Lewis is known as the Famous Irish Psychic. He is an accomplished palmist and tarot card reader. When working in Ireland he became a household name as a psychic with masses of newspaper publicity.

Maureen Collins ---> A-3

Born and educated in Surrey, England, the gift of awareness, a kind of sixth sense, an ability to see beyond the obvious, was singularly developed by the time Maureen was 16. She has been a featured guest speaker at numerous psychic fairs and expos, and has appeared on many radio and TV shows.

Moonology ---> Vendor's Row

Offered for sale will be moon jewelry, moon photos, lunar calendars, lunar birthday cards, African hair combs, and hair jewels.

Mother May ---> B-6

Mother May was born in Jamaica West Indies and is a 3rd generation spiritualist medium born with the gift. She started using her gift to help people with sorting out their lives. She does past lives, future, past, present, interpretation of dreams, and advises on jobs, business, and relationships.

Oracle Readings by Sydney ---> B-6

Sydney is an oracle card reader helping you with any concerns in your past, present or future. She also is a Reiki master which will help balance your energy and your soul for healing.

Paul Pacific - Canada’s Barefoot Prophet ---> A-14

Having seen his first aura at age 14, Paul has since been a compassionate & friendly spiritual reader with over 25 years experience. Paul will provide guidance and counsel in all areas of your life with his powerful and insightful readings which include psychometry, tarot cards & numerology.

Rev Corbie Mitleid ---> A-6

A certified professional tarot reader, certified psychic, trained medium and ordained minister, Corbie has been reading since 1973. A full time psychic, she travels to fairs coast to coast, in the US and Canada. Corbie is featured in the book “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz.

Rough Market Minerals & Gems ---> Vendor's Row

Rough Market Minerals & Gems offers a variety of items such as collected minerals from Ontario, one of a kind jewellery pieces, handcrafted candles, & a unique selection of stones to aid in metaphysical journeys.

Ted Leydon ---> B-11

Ted’s readings would be best described as clairvoyance through touch of the hands, inspecting the lines of the hands, and touch of the hair. They are Psychic Energy Readings. Many things can be gleaned about the client through the gentle touch.

The Hive & Grove ---> Vendor's Row

The Hive & Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness offer a wide ranges of products & items to support emotional & spiritual wellness, including books, cds, oracle decks, stones, jewelry & gifts. Find your fairies, angels & goddesses here.

The Massage Lady ---> Vendor's Row

The Massage Lady and her team will be offering relaxing seated chair massages throughout the show. You will enjoy the variety of massages offered and the intuitive touch that is brought to all their sessions.

The Oracle of Delphi ---> B-13

Kalliope is 4th generation Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Reader. She is a claircognizant with the ability to channel messages from Spirit. Kalliope will also be selling Intention Candles at the show.

The Tarot Path ---> B-9

Ana is an international psychic medium with more than 15 years of experience. She provides unique readings & spiritual advisory by combining tools as Tarot cards, Numerology & Dowsing. Ricky sells crystals, Himalayan Salt products & more.

Tony Uberoi ---> B-2

Tony Uberoi is an internationally renowned intuitive. Tony combines astrology, numerology, palmistry, tarot cards and his intuitive gift to empower his clients with sincere, accurate readings.