First Star's 26th Annual Peterborough Fall Psychic Fair & Expo
Evinrude Centre - November 10, 11, 12, 2017 - Lectures

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Friday November 10, 2017

5:00 ---> Spiritual Connection to Yourself & Others - Dennis Andersen

Dennis Andersen will show you how to develop your spiritual connections.

6:00 ---> Zen Card Demo - Debbie

Osho Zen Tarot is a unique and powerful deck. During her lecture Debbie will demonstrate how Osho Zen is different and will show how it compares to the standard tarot. A few people will be selected to have a very brief, very public, one card reading. Come & enjoy.

7:00 ---> Connecting With Your Angel - Angelyn

Based on Angelyn's book, this lecture provides you with simple ways to communicate with Angels.

8:00 ---> Finding & Using Your Inner Talents & Abilities - Rev Joan O McGregor

Rev McGregor will lecture on how to open new areas of your consciousness to handle & get rid of blocks or challenges

Saturday November 11, 2017

Noon --> Meditation with the Healing Collective - Angela Donnelly

In this demo, Angela will channel a group called the Healing Collective. This group will guide us thru a meditation in letting go of the old thoughts, beliefs, & connections & they will then fill us with love, light & our truth.

1:00 ---> Psychic Demo - Charlotte Szivak

Charlotte will tune in & answer your questions.

2:00 ---> Channelling – KC Black

Channelling entails gathering information from your energy field to provide you with insight & answers surrounding issues in your life. KC will discuss her relationship with the entity of energy that she works with when Channelling. She will then answer some audience questions with Channelled answers.

3:00 ---> The Sacred Language & Science of Sound - Gaisheda Kheawok

In the Seneca & Celtic traditions, being a Singer is synonymous with Healing. In the Shamanic Energy Medicine Tradition, “everything is energy & everything is frequency”. Sacred Sounds open the Soul’s Wisdom & our gifts of Birth.

4:00 ---> Psychic Demo Using Clairvoyance – Judy Abbott

Tickets will be given out & if yours is picked then you can ask a question about your future.

5:00 ---> Introduction to Pendulums & Crystals - Ricky Faria

Learn basic techniques on how to enhance your daily life with the power of healing crystals. Find out more on how to choose & use a pendulum and other polished crystals, their properties & uses to live a better life.

6:00 ---> What Do You Do With a Wand? - Rev Jordanna

Crystals; how to choose, clear and charge, & why put them on a wand?

7:00 ---> Connecting With Your Guides - Betty Jane Ware

Betty Jane will give an introduction to Spirit Guide Communication.

8:00 ---> Practice Lab: Explore Your Own Intuitive Gifts - Kathleen Boldt

It is said we all have access to the power of personal intuition, yet many never knowhow it comes to them. Take a few moments today to practice psychometry with a partner & with Kathleen's guidance, learn more about you own magical, intuitive potential.

Sunday November 12, 2017

Noon --> Hair Reading Demo - Ted Leydon

The hair is grown from our live follicles & can retain the energies that the owner has experienced while going through life routines. During his demo Ted will prove this by showing you how by just holding a strand of your hair he can pick up information about your past, present & potential future.

1:00 ---> Messages From Spirit - Oracle Kalliope

Oracle Kalliope will be offering messages to the audience that she channels from Spirit.

2:00 ---> Mediumship Demonstration – Sheila Watson

In her lecture Sheila will give a description of various types of psychic abilities. She will also offer a demonstration of mediumship.

3:00 ---> Moonology - Dorothy Kesseler

Dorothy Kesseler will be lecturing on how the rhythms of Earth & Moon affects the spirit.

4:00 ---> Meditation & Spiritual Development - Rev Dennis Walcott Bsc

Rev Dennis Walcott Bsc will show you how to develop and grow spiritually. He will also explain how you can overcome stress through meditation.