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How to Choose a Psychic

Since it is important to all of us at First Star that you are satisfied with the readings you receive at the shows we organize, we strongly suggest that before signing up for a reading you follow these 4 simple rules for choosing a psychic:

1. Circle the entire exhibition hall. As you do, pick up the brochures of all of our psychics. Read their literature thoroughly. You will now have a better idea about the background of the psychics and the type of readings they offer.

2. Circle the exhibit hall a second time. This time, look directly at the psychics. Try to get a feeling about how you intuitively connect to them. The one you have the most rapport with will undoubtedly be the one with whom you will receive the best reading.

3. If you have any doubts or concerns about how the reading will be conducted, what topics will be covered, the information you’ll be receiving, and how long the reading will last, do discuss your concerns with the psychic before sitting down for your reading.

4. Don’t forget, not all psychics work the same way, use the same tools, or even have the same specialties, and cover the same topics. So, if you are here for a specific reason, be sure that the psychic you choose can accommodate your needs.

We wish you a memorable,

helpful & rewarding reading