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Psychic Dictionary

Akashic Record

A library in the spirit realm that houses the past lives of everyone who has ever lived on the earth plane.


An immortal spiritual being which acts as an intermediary between God and humanity.


Archangels are angels of the highest order; powerful spiritual beings who are messengers of the divine and whose purpose is to protect and look after all mankind.


A name given to the spiritual appearance of the physical body.

Astral Projection

When the conscious self leaves the physical body and travels through space and time to various locations; both in this realm and the spirit realm.


The study of the influence of the celestial bodies on the Earth and its inhabitants.


The subtle electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds every living being.

Aura Photography

A method used to capture the auric field on film. Advanced Kirlian Photography can also capture the energy emanating from the 7 major chakras.

Automatic Writing

Writing executed by a medium while in a trance or altered state of consciousness.


The process by which a medium can communicate information from nonphysical beings.


A series of circular vortices on the life force of a person.


The ability to hear voices not audible to normal hearing.


The ability to clearly know something without being told.


The faculty of superphysical sense perception.


The ability to perceive objects or people that cannot be discerned through the normal senses.


The art of foretelling the future by using a wide range of techniques.


An ancient form of divination using a forked stick, bent wire, or pendulum to locate people, objects and substances.

Earthbound Spirit

The soul of a person who is deceased and whose energies remain in the physical plane.

EVP Recorder

EVP is the abbreviation for Electric Voice Phenomena. EVP recorders are devices that paranormal investigators use to pick up the voices of those who have passed into the spirit world.


Someone who takes on the feelings, emotions, experiences of others.

Etheric Body

The area around your body that contains your electro-magnetic energy field; frequently referred to as your aura.

Evidential Medium

A reader who has direct contact with those from the spirit world and can therefore give their clients exact evidence that they have communicated with their loved ones who have passed to the other side. This could include specific names and dates as well as locations and events that the person being read can identify with.

Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese study of the hidden currents and forces that cover the surface of the earth.

Ghost Whisperer

Someone who has the ability to communicate with earth bound spirits; those souls who, for whatever the reason, have chosen to not cross over into the light.


The law of consequences. A philosophical belief that the deeds you do, be they for good or evil will eventually come back to you in a like manner.


A term applied to those who have the ability to communicate with departed spirits.


A system of divination based on the idea that the universe is mathematically constructed, and all things can be expressed in numbers.


A method of divination and character interpretation by studying the lines and bumps on the palms and fingers.


A method of sensing or reading from physical objects the history of each object and the history of things and people associated with these objects.


The belief that the divine essence, which is the soul, lives on after death and is reborn into another physical body.

Remote Viewing

The practice of being able to sense in detail people, objects, places that are at a distant location not visible to the person doing the remote viewing.


An ancient Norse and Germanic alphabet the symbols of which were ascribed magical properties and used mainly for charms and divination purposes.

Spirit Message

When a spirit guide, angel or departed soul speaks through a medium, channeler or intuitive and then that message is conveyed to the person they are reading.


A system of religious beliefs centered on the assumption that communication with the spirit world is possible.


An object believed to have magical powers that brings the possessor good luck and protection from evil. Quite often the talisman is a piece of jewelry. To absorb its powers the object is either held or worn on the body of the possessor.


A deck of 78 pictorial cards often used for foretelling the future.


A method of fortune telling that involves the interpretation of tea leaves and coffee grounds.